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Welcome to Coastal People and hugs and kisses from Carol, Mary Lou, Jeff and Jeff.

Our music projects include:

  • Our original songs hand and mind-built by us with lots of help from friends. Coastal People songs may be what you've been missing, and have needed since the 1900's.
  • Songs written for you if your occasion is special enough. Babies, homecomings, birthdays, celebrations, movies, gatherings, clubs and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Coastal People have fun writing your song.
  • Unique straps for all stringed instruments except piano. (and yes, we know the piano is a percussion instrument) designed from the loving aesthetic of Coastal People.
  • Your music uploaded to your website. Analog to digital formatting and fitted to your webpage with easy custom controls. Where are your old band tapes from college...how do you put them on the web for posterity? Coastal People! We will make you the website that you dream up to showcase your music. Leave your treasures in a drawer or allow the world to marvel.

Remember music? Remember how we all have music in us? Remember when you sang or played that crummy note in 5th grade and people laughed and you swore never to make music again? Take it back, it's not nice to swear. Find others who take it back and make music again. It's always been there, in you, waiting to come out and surprise and mystify.

Have fun!  

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